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Test drive our demo car - LPG converted 2015 Dacia Logan

Looking for affordable company car?

Autogas converted 2015 Dacia Logan is the best solution if you’re looking for affordable company car. To convert 1.2 lire petrol engine we used Prins VSI-2.0 LPG system which is going to last for entire lifespan of this car. Cork – Dublin trip cost is less than 12 on LPG Autogas with the new Dacia Logan. Very affordable

car price, 5 year warranty and the fact that the car runs on cheap, clean LPG fuel make a perfect solution for companies / fleets looking for significant savings.
The car is subject to availability, therefore if you would like to try out our LPG converted Dacia Logan simply fill out the form, send us your booking request and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

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Autogas is Cheap

Autogas price is about half price of petrol, therefore you can easily save thousands by converting your car to LPG – the more you drive the more you save. Conversion cost comes back to you in a few months – you save 40-50% with every tank filling comparing to petrol.

Autogas is Safe

The LPG Autogas systems in today’s modern vehicles are designed and tested to be very safe.  They are safe to fill, easy to service and safe in a vehicle accident situation. All components are stress tested to many times their normal operating parameters prior to installation.

Autogas is Clean

With an increasing need to protect the world we live in, it’s good news to find that Autogas offers an option to help reduce harmful emissions. Autogas emits 10-12% less CO2 and 53% less NOx than petrol and 120 times less small particle emissions than diesel.

Our Recent Conversions

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Start saving up to 50% on every tank filling

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