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Car costs and, in particular petrol costs, are too expensive in the Ireland, so why not find a cheaper alternative? Autogas Ireland in co-operation with FloGas and Prins installs and services modern LPG/CNG systems. LPG (Autogas) is a liquefied petroleum gas and is a cheaper alternative to both petrol and diesel. In economic terms, LPG is cheap to produce as less additive and filtering are required. LPG is less pollutant than diesel, oil, wood or coal and far less pollutant than their petrol or diesel powered equivalents, as it reduces greenhouse emissions and has absolutely no harmful compounds. In environmental terms, the burning of LPG produces less CO2. Autogas Ireland can help anyone who drives a car and who is looking to make savings in the long run with small investment. Autogas Ireland offers clients a qualified LPG system fitting with the top shelf systems. LPG is also known to be beneficial to car parts as it extends engine life, prolongs the life of the car’s exhaust, makes for a quieter, smoother run, means there will be a lower service cost as most are related to the fuel systems and oil and filter life can be doubled as LPG leaves less deposits. Autogas offers the additional advantage of being more affordable than any other commercially available fuel. AutogasIreland employees are fully trained by the suppliers of the system and the company is an official Prins  importer, distributor and installer of Prins Autogas Systems for Ireland.

LPG Conversion Overview

What’s involved in LPG Autogas conversion? See below video showing an overview of installing Prins VSI-2.0 LPG system.

Autogas is Cheap

Autogas price is about half price of petrol, therefore you can easily save thousands by converting your car to LPG – the more you drive the more you save. Conversion cost comes back to you in a few months – you save 40-50% with every tank filling comparing to petrol.

Autogas is Safe

The LPG Autogas systems in today’s modern vehicles are designed and tested to be very safe.  They are safe to fill, easy to service and safe in a vehicle accident situation. All components are stress tested to many times their normal operating parameters prior to installation.

Autogas is Clean

With an increasing need to protect the world we live in, it’s good news to find that Autogas offers an option to help reduce harmful emissions. Autogas emits 10-12% less CO2 and 53% less NOx than petrol and 120 times less small particle emissions than diesel.

Our Recent Conversions

Browse through the selection of vehicles that we have recently converted to Autogas

2007 Volvo S60
Prins VSI2.0 LPG System
Converted: 01/2016
2005 BMW 525i
Prins VSI2.0 LPG System
Converted: 11/2015
2007 Mercedes S350
Prins VSI2.0 LPG System
Converted: 07/2015
2008 Mazda CX7
Dedicated Prins DI System
Converted: 12/2015
2005 Lexus GS300
Dedicated Prins LPG System
Converted: 02/2016


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